Good morning beautiful day!


shoes off in the temple
and scattered at the front door
'high place' tower for lunch
and cross-legged on cross-country train floor

crouching in sea-view war bunker
over rubbish piles and weeds
graffiti names scrawled on building ruins
on home’s hallway wall: painted trees

it seems like you’re starting to see..

church pew in the porch way
wooden welcome table in the kitchen
yellow fires flicker there
between the conversations

terroir notes tasted in the wine
the sounds foraged from french fields
now invested in this land 
roath’s roadside eucharist meal

it seems like you are starting to see..

old ideas remade and refound
from the fallen-on autumn ground

feathered fleece
earth skin
ancient heart

it seems like you are starting to see..

Both dogs are a snoozing. What babes.

@greenbelt you were a dream for the day. Wish I could have stayed longer! Next time!

Poshest tea cake ever!!!!

Amazing food @eatup as per usual with @susosees !! JOY

Everyone needs to try this brew. It’s flipping amazing! #curiousbrew

Mini having a twitching, grumbling sleep. Beaut!


James Kerr’s Jesus on an Inflatable Tube Man

How whimsically sacrilegious! James Kerr, a.k.a. Scorpion Dagger, has been posting hundreds of these Renaissance-era GIFs on his Tumblr. 

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Sow your small seeds, I’ll make them into tall trees.

Today I tinkered with trees and letters.


Casey Weldon

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Probably the best ‘welcome home’ ever!

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I LOVE THE BEACH! Packing can wait until tomorrow!

The Davis’ dog is the cutest thing ever!