Poshest tea cake ever!!!!

Amazing food @eatup as per usual with @susosees !! JOY

Everyone needs to try this brew. It’s flipping amazing! #curiousbrew

Mini having a twitching, grumbling sleep. Beaut!


James Kerr’s Jesus on an Inflatable Tube Man

How whimsically sacrilegious! James Kerr, a.k.a. Scorpion Dagger, has been posting hundreds of these Renaissance-era GIFs on his Tumblr. 

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Sow your small seeds, I’ll make them into tall trees.

Today I tinkered with trees and letters.


Casey Weldon

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Probably the best ‘welcome home’ ever!

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I LOVE THE BEACH! Packing can wait until tomorrow!

The Davis’ dog is the cutest thing ever!

Done another piece for a dear friend of mine!

I finished some work for one of my favourite moms from Uni. She asked to me to do Psalm 1, and this is what happened!! Love it.

Cleaning partyyyyy

So the cat for shaved!